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7 Tips to Make Your Family Photoshoot Successful

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I have many family photoshoots annually, and I really enjoy each family that I work with. It is so fun to capture a unique snapshot [no pun intended] of a day in the life of a family –whether it be a family of three or seven! However, there are some things I have learned along the way after my years of professional shoots, and I thought I should share this knowledge with my clients and friends. Some of these will be obvious, but just a few thoughts from the peanut gallery while editing on this rainy day, in the form of tips to make your holiday photoshoot a success:


1. Let the photographer work his/her magic. No set director needed, unless your child needs to be redirected back to his or her spot. I promise you’re in good hands!

christening jennifer casson photo

2. Bring ammo. Snacks, a blanket, a noisy (attention-grabbing) toy, a potential change of clothes [in case of spit-up, etc], and bribes. You’d be surprised what kids will do knowing that there is an ice cream treat in their future…


3. Don’t stand to the side of the photographer trying to get your child’s attention. Your child will then look to the side instead of at me! Instead, stand right behind my head. Usually a rattle or something noisy does the trick.


4. Before the shoot, get together a pin board of a few “inspirational” shots so your photographer can get an idea of your style. It doesn’t mean these will be exactly recreated, but at least he/she will know what you like. If they’re a cool and confident photographer, they won’t be offended and will find it helpful to get insight into your likes and dislikes!


5. Have “low” expectations: many times parents come in with a list of 10-15 must have shots, and depending on the age of your child, this may not be totally possible (even though I’ll do my best)! Children usually last between 15-45 minutes max (sometimes longer, but not often!).


6. Remember that even the most “candid” looking shots are usually staged. Even when it looks completely natural (as most of my shoots’ goals are to be), some posing and redirecting has to happen in order for you to look your best.


7. Have fun! You’re creating memories with your family, whether you end up using the photos them for your holiday cards or not… Make sure the experience is a happy one, and don’t take yourself too seriously :)




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