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6 Month Portraits | Baby A

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It is always fun to watch babies grow — especially when you haven’t seen them since they were itty bitty teeny weeny. That’s why I was so excited to see baby A and her parents for a shoot on Pier A in Hoboken recently. She had just turned 6 months, and so it was great to see how much she’d grown since being only 14 days old at our last [newborn lifestyle] shoot.

Per usual, it was very hard to narrow down my favorites…especially since she is at the perfect, smiley, happy-go-lucky age where you only need one or two frames to get a “good one.” Here are a few of my favorites of this adorable family of three:





Cino6month-102 Cino6month-98





And one of my favorites [because I love when babies are less than pleased about their photoshoot] — something so ‘organic’ about it:


It was a pleasure hanging with this family in Hoboken. Such a little doll baby! Can’t wait to watch this little one grow up!

xx J

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Business [Lifestyle] Session: Tiffany Pinero Style

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While I always adore working with my wonderful families and documenting beautiful wide-eyed babies’ growth and joy during a lifestyle family session, I’ve realized I have come across a new* passion. I add an asterisk because headshots and photosessions with adults for me is nothing new, but recently I have started to have a different approach to showcasing entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives. The fun is being able to focus on their talents and making it more than your typical headshot…filled with life, style, joy, and creativity: in their element, if you will.

That was exactly the goal of a recent shoot with Tiffany Pinero of Tiffany Pinero Style… a fashion stylist based in Hoboken.

Tiffany Pinero Style

Before the shoot, Tiffany and I discussed her goals and the “look” she was going for. She told me she had a Diana Ross-esque skirt from Mint Market in Hoboken mixed with some neutrals + some pink tuxedo pants later on. Style books + her office + a few luxury shopping bags would be some supporting props, with this brown-eyed beauty as the focus.

Here are a few photos from our shoot:


^ Our backdrop #1, Tiff’s office.


The spread on Tiff’s desk…all of the stylist essentials, of course.


See what I mean about the Diana Ross skirt? Amazing.


We opted for a natural light setting, since Tiff’s windows are extremely large and flooded with light. Isn’t she a stunner? 


Next on our list list was a little outdoor fun. Bouquets + Tiff’s style books, and we were in business!



IMG_4941 IMG_4957 IMG_4958

This gorgeous babe and business woman cannot be stopped! It was such a pleasure to work with her…and literally IMPOSSIBLE to narrow down photos to use in this post. My goal is always to showcase personality and the happiness from within as well as the external… and Tiff was such an easy subject!


If only we had more time to play; next on Tiff’s list would be a rolling rack of clothing by the waterfront. Oh, it’s on soon, girlfriend :)

If you’re in need of a style session, wardrobe rejuvenation, shopping help, or commercial shoot styling, Tiff is your girl! Check out this beautiful brunette’s website here.

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